A Delicious Tradition of Local Food

This month marks one of the deep rooted traditions in America, honoring Thanksgiving by dining with friends and family. For centuries this tradition centered on locally grown and raised food, just like the original Thanksgiving in 1621. However, for the past few decades the availability of food from across the nation, and the globe, have altered the tradition of Thanksgiving for many Americans.

Thankfully, in Trempealeau County and the surrounding area there are a number of food producers providing opportunities to continue the tradition of dining on local food for the holiday. As you plan your Thanksgiving meal consider a homemade pie from one our orchards, meat from local livestock, cheese or milk from a regional dairy operation, wine from area vineyards, and ingredients grown in the scenic landscape of Trempealeau County.

This year be thankful for the variety of local food producers in Trempealeau County that provide delicious and healthy food, while contributing to our economy.

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