The Spooky, Strange, and Unusual in the Wilds of Trempealeau County

A strong sense of place exists in Trempealeau County, and the unusually beautiful landscape could be the draw for the subjects of scary reports about strange occurrences. Here’s a few stories tied to the landscape that may raise the hair on the back of your neck, or maybe raise your eyebrows in doubt:

Trempealeau Mountain Mothman:

Featured in a Monster Quest episode on the History Channel, sightings of a mothman type creature have been reported near Trempealeau Mountain. Watch this video to learn more about one of these sightings:

Chameleon Fish:

Fishermen operating in the approximate vicinity of the confluence of the Black and Mississippi Rivers found an unusual fish that changed its colors like a chameleon. Read more about this strange occurrence here.

The Dancing Ghost of Buena Vista:

South of Osseo on Highway 53 there is a scenic overlook known as Buena Vista. Reports claim some visitors have seen an apparition that appears to be engaged in traditional Native American dancing. Here’s a link for more information on the site.

Have you experienced something unusual, or scary, in the wilds of Trempealeau County? Send us a message with your story!

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