“Bee” Advised…

The bio-diversity that largely exists in Trempealeau County because of its beautiful topography creates a wonderful habitat for raising bees. Hives that are maintained throughout the County contribute to existing pollinators and are crucial for area farms, orchards, and gardens. Delicious and healthy locally raised food is dependent on area bees, and the taste of success for productive hives is honey that is distinctively flavored by the unique landscape of Trempealeau County.

Once one of the largest honey producers in the United States, Wisconsin bee numbers have substantially declined in recent years. Additionally a large portion of honey sold in the United States is now being imported from other countries.

There are ways you be part of the movement to bring back healthy bee numbers that contribute to local food.  On your next visit here, “Bee” on the lookout for locally raised honey in stores and if you don’t see any, ask where you can find it. If you are fortunate and live in the beautiful landscape of Trempealeau County, consider placing a hive on your property and taking up the art of bee keeping. The Wisconsin Honey Producers organization has some great information on how to start bee keeping and Johnson Hardware and Rental in Whitehall is hosting a beginning bee keeping class on the evening of March 9th, give them a call for more details at 715-538-4616.

If you would like additional information on where you can discover the unique and delicious taste of Trempealeau County honey, contact our County’s tourism office at 715-538-2311, Ext. 251.

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