On the Hunt

This time of year an event steeped in tradition takes place that transcends generations, cultures, and millennia in Trempealeau County: the fall deer hunt. For thousands of years, people have hunted the same valleys, hillsides, and creek bottoms in this area; although the technology has changed from hunting with an atlatl, to a 30.06 rifle.

While this landscape has been the site of countless deer hunts, you don’t need to own land to experience a quality deer hunt in Trempealeau County. There are a large amount of public lands available throughout the County for hunting deer. Take a look at this map to see where public hunting areas are located.

If you’re looking for the fun and camaraderie of deer camp, but lack a deer cabin, Pietrek Park will be offering camping space for hunters until the end of November. There is a heated shower building at the park and there are campsites that provide electrical access for RV’s and tent camping. A stack of firewood is available on the grounds as well. Visit the park website to learn about the camping rates.

Whether you’re a long-time sportsman or if this is your first hunt, there are a number of great places to hunt, and lodge, in Trempealeau County while taking part in the tradition of deer hunting.

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