“Into the Wild” in Trempealeau County

If you have seen the film, or read the book: “Into the Wild,” you know the story of a wealthy young man who in the 1990’s went to live in the Alaskan wilderness, after rejecting conventional life. Over a century before, Trempealeau County had a person of a similar spirit once arrive in the, then, wilderness near Osseo in 1865. His name was Nicholas Bourlier De La Chavelle and despite being well educated and from a wealthy family, he left society and began living in a cave. Check out the monument to him and the surrounding landscape at the Buena Vista overlook on the west side of Highway 53, about 5 miles south of Osseo. In addition to a monument that was erected in the 1930’s, a stone interpretive panel was recently installed at the site through a joint partnership between the Osseo Historical Society and the Pigeon Falls Lions Club. Both of these communities are great places to visit for a bite to eat or for shopping at a locally owned establishment. After checking out the Buena Vista overlook, you can step “into the wild” at many of the public recreation lands in Trempealeau County!

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